Update on Hibiscus Flower Watercolour Painting Art and Design

Update. I decided to buy the cushion design from Redbubble via ArtMayB to see what it looks like.
(See the pictures added to this blog.)  I like the colours and the way that it has turned out.
I am happy with this design and it has a lovely invisible zip.  

As you may know, I love painting and indeed anything crafty. 
I am taking part in a weekly art challenge with a group of artists. Last week we had to paint just a single flower.  I decided on a Hibiscus bloom because they are large and beautiful and the ones that I have seen locally are red.
In the first session, I used red, black, and white leaving the image to dry overnight.  The next day I decided to add some orange, with more black and white.  This gave the petals a warmer look.  I also added a little shading and now I am happy with the result.  I used watercolour paints on fine hot-pressed paper.  I find that leaving a painting to dry and adding detail the next day gives me a better finish.
Later on the second day, we met up with a friend who gave us a Hibiscus plant.  Now that is a little weird.  

Have fun. B